AVSS Testimonial

AVSS Group has been entrusted

by 30 Australian universities
and 100+ public and private schools and colleges
as their representatives


The employment opportunities for Australian International graduate students are second to none in the world. It is also a perfect place for those who wish to learn and practise English. It is simply the place to be for international studying destination.


Eiw Thailand



Thanks AVSS for assisting me since the very first step of achieving my degree. AVSS does not only provide services before coming to Australia but also help solve any problems I had once arrived in Australia. Sunee (P' Maew) was very effective and efficient in contacting university about concerns and questions I had with prompt response. I truly appreciated and would highly recommend AVSS as an education agent for those who want to study in Australia.


"Sawasdee Krab! my name is Boom. Since I have made a decision to study English in Australia, I searched for agents and found many of them. But, in my opinion, AVSS has given me the best care and service. I'm very impressed with how fast they have processed the documents. Also they are good counselors and very friendly. I always feel good every time I talk to them and asking for advice.
The best agent for me."


"AVSS has helped me finding course and university for my study. They have assisted me with every steps since university admission to student visa. The most impressive thing that I felt was their fast response in giving information and helping  me when I needed.
I'm now graduated my Master Degree in Marketing from Victoria University.
Great job ka AVSS"


"I'm very impressed with AVSS staffs. All of them are helpful and very friendly. Now, I'm doing my master degree in a faculty and the university as my wish. AVSS has helped me since counseling for the courses, admission process and application for Australian student visa."


“Thank you AVSS for helping me since suggesting institute, preparing documents for both course and visa application. AVSS team is professional and take every steps cautiously, providing correct information. They are very friendly and enthusiastic, even now I am in Melbourne, they still keep in touch. I’m very happy.”


"Thank you AVSS for your advice and guidance for my studies in Australia and help through all process.  AVSS team has given me a very good advice. I'm now studying at master degree level at University of Technology, Sydney"


"AVSS has given me great help in providing assistance to my application for Master Degree in Australia. They have given much more useful information for my decision making.  AVSS counselors are professional so every steps of my application process have been turned out not to be complicated at all. The service included preparation of all documents for student visa application.  I was very impressed with their good and fast services especially when I received offer letter from the university. AVSS continues their care and services even when I am in Australia.  Counselors keep on our communication and asking for my living in Australia to give hand when I need.  

I would like to thank P' Meaw and other AVSS team who always help, guide and advise me. I am now able to fulfill my wish to study in Australia and will complete my degree in the next semester. Anyone planning to study in Australia, AVSS will not disappoint you for sure."

The university of Sydney


AVSS HCM team is very enthusiastic and informative in their consulting to me about UTS. The process is simple and fast. They not only assist me well in Viet Nam, but also in Australia, I was very well supported for looking for accommodation and employment opportunities in Australia. Thanks AVSS so much.


After using AVSS HCM’s visa services for over 3 years (visitor and student visas for my parents and my brother), we’re very impressed with the quality services they offered. Moreover, AVSS HCM are filled with very friendly and helpful staff members that are always approachable and thorough in what they do. As such, we would like to highly recommend the visa services provided by them!



Highly recommend AVSS for those who intend to study in Australia. Staffs consult from the bottom of their hearts because they are experienced employees in the industry for a while and understand what students want the most. Consulting is based on students’ needs. After being granted a visa, AVSS teams are by your side whenever you need them anytime in Australia. Thank you very much, AVSS !!


I would like to give my thanks to AVSS staffs for taking a very good care of me in very steps since consultation in Thailand, and when I arrived in Melbourne, I also have AVSS Melbourne staff to take care and help me here. If I have any issues, I can always go to the office to talk. As for the courses in my school, I can choose and move to another course that I am interested in. I can talk to the staff in everything so I am very impressed and appreciated AVSS for your great help for my studies in Australia.